Resurrection Prayer List

Under the aegis of the Daughters of the King

January 2020

Heavenly Father, whose Blessed Son, our Lord, took upon Himself our infirmities and had compassion for all sick and suffering folk, hear our prayer for all who suffer in body, mind and spirit and especially we pray for ____________. Grant them relief from pain, strength in their weakness, light in their darkness and restoration of health. Enable them to trust you though your way is hidden from sight and let them know that peace which is your gift of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

If you would like to add or delete a name on this list please contact Gwen Sampson by voice or text at 210-260-1105. If you would like to pass along a prayer request to the prayer chain, contact the church office 210-655-5484.

DOK Permanent List

Fr. Chris and Laura, the Vestry, Gerald and Dorothy, Charlie and Marva, Kathy and Daryl, Susan and Bill, Maureen, Scott and Jan, Ann, Sue, Sue, Maria, Gwen, Shirley, Shelley, Jayson, James, Dottie, Rosalie, Sean, Mary, Jo, Bonnie, Shirley and Louis, Art, Kathy, Angie, Lynn, Alic, Ray and  Keena, Patrick, Don and Marty, Bob and Gisela, Hilda

Prayer Concerns:

  • The success of our resale shop
  • Our Mission to the Neighborhood
  • Our local law enforcement officers, EMS, firefighters and their families; 

  • Missing, abused, and exploited children

  • Victims of gun violence

  • All victims of natural disasters

  • All persecuted Christians throughout the world

  • That the Holy Spirit will continually renew our common life
  • Discernment regarding Resurrection Episcopal School

Active Military

Miller King Voecks, Trevor Voecks, Brian Smith. David Jimenez, Kenneth Gearhart, Daniel Gearhart, Alex Reyes, Josh Brannan, Kyle Randall, Philip Clemons, Wyatt Rhudy, A.J. Sutton

DWTX Missioners

Alison Barfoot – Uganda, Duane Miller+Family. Olson Family – Philippines, Chapman Family – Liberia, Jeannie Long – Honduras, Erin Kottos – Haiti


For all God’s blessings

From September

Richard, Bonnie V., Chad, Jeff, L.P. and Family, Rose, Kara, Tory, Keith, Kathleen, Claire, Rosemary, those affected by Hurricane Dorian, the family of Louis Delgado

From October

Skip, Kim, Gene, Brent, Tommy, Lisa, Ryan

From November

Ella and Skylar, Nancy and Charles, Rebecca, Claire, Andy

From December

Linda and Peter, Victoria, Claire, Ida, Mary Lew, Courtney and family, Janelle, Vivian, Kenny, Linda J.