The Church of the Resurrection is planning to build a new 12,000 square foot building which will house the Resurrection Children's Center (RCC) and a new Community Hall. The expected cost of the project is $2.5 Million and we are seeking the help of our friends to reach this goal.

The facility which houses our current Children's Center and Community Hall is rapidly deteriorating. The building's foundation has shifted significantly, making renovation of the Forty year old building very difficult and expensive. In addition, the facility is too small and inadequate for our current needs which include a childcare center/preschool, various church ministries, social service programs, and use by local service organizations. The parish leadership believes that wise stewardship of our resources, requires us to construct a new building rather than renovate the existing facility.

The Church of the Resurrection has successfully provided quality childcare and preschool learning to the Walzem Rd/Windcrest area for about forty years, as well as providing a house of worship and gathering place for the surrounding community. The RCC provides Sixty-five infants and preschool children with a safe, friendly, caring environment in which to grow and learn. Many are children of lower-income parents who depend on these childcare services to allow them to hold steady employment and continue to support their families.

In addition, the surrounding area has suffered economically for the last twenty years and is in desperate need of organizations that are willing to build new facilities that can anchor new programs, draw new people and provide needed resources to help revitalize the area. A new community hall will help encourage continued revitalization of the Walzem Road corridor. Together with other recent developments such as the rapid growth of the Rackspace Corporation and the opening of a new YMCA fitness center, the construction of a new childcare/preschool and community facility in the neighborhood will significantly improve the economic and social prospects of the surrounding area.

With your support, we will be able to continue to serve the children in our area as well as help the efforts to revitalize Walzem Rd all in Christ's name. 

You can be apart of the future by donating to our capital fund!  Join the growing numbers of people who are investing in the mission of The Church of the Resurrection.