There are formal and informal ways to become a member. Perhaps the least formal is to worship with us on Sunday morning, meet other members and get involved in the recreational and educational activities of the parish.

If you want to formalize your membership so you can participate as a worship leader or on our parish board which is called ‘the vestry’, the first step is to meet with the priest and/or attend an inquirer's class.

When You’re Ready to Make a More Formal Commitment

  • If you are a new Christian, the first step to membership is baptism. This is the sacrament of rebirth and initiation.
  • If you are coming from a different Episcopal church, you may request a letter of transfer from your old parish.
  • If you come from a different denomination you may be received into the Episcopal Church by the laying on of hands by our bishops; The Rt. Rev Gary Lillibridge and the Rt. Rev. David Reed.

Expectations of Members

You will participate in a Bible Study on a regular basis.

You will attend Sunday Worship on a regular basis.

You will have a personal and/or family prayer life away from the parish.

You will give financially to the ministry mission of the parish.

You will invite your friends to church and witness to the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Documents of the Episcopal Church

If you are interested in reading some of the Historic Documents of the Episcopal Church, The Outline of our Faith (The Catechism) or our Baptismal Covenant click on the links below.

The Outline of Faith (Catechism)

Baptismal Covenant

Historic Documents